"Yoga shouldn't be serious - life is serious enough." Join the yoga party!

Public Classes


7 PM Power Hour @Powerhouse Whippany


8:15 AM Hot Power Hour, @Powerflow Livingston


10:00-11:00 AM Hot Power Hour, @Powerflow Livingston


Private Yoga

Don't want the big party? Prefer 1-on-1 instruction? Chaz can offer her decades of experience in the comfort of your home, or hers. She prides herself on having a long list of celebrity clients; privacy and confidentiality are of the utmost importance. 

Email for more info: chaz@yogawithchaz.com

TESTIMONIAL: "Working with Chaz after my stroke was amazing. I went from being really frail, limp and weak to trusting the strength of my body. She stretched and gave me yoga poses that would go into muscles that my physical therapist never worked. After working with Chaz, there was a noticeable difference  with my body. I highly recommend Chaz for private yoga, no matter what your situation is. She's willing to accommodate and work with you. She really knows her stuff." -Amy 

"Best yoga! Love Chaz." -Viv


Corporate Yoga

Bring Yoga with Chaz to your workplace!

  • Team-building fun!
  • Boost productivity, profitability, and morale
  • Stress reduction and mindfulness
  • Non-intimidating yoga!
  • Accessible and easy-to-understand instruction.
  • Utilize office floor space, outdoors, or can be taught sitting in chairs, i.e., around conference tables.
  • Employees can remain dressed in business clothing 

Contact for more info: chaz@yogawithchaz.com


"This note is to our VP. Thank you for sharing Chaz, an excellent yoga instructor, with us. We all live a busy life. Having yoga as a break at lunch time twice a week energizes my mind and body. Thank you for thinking of the well being of your employees!"


Bi-coastal "Pop Up" Classes

Look for a pop-up class with Chaz at YogaWorks in Los Angeles! She pops her head in at least 4 times a year, mostly at YogaWorks Tarzana... and it's always a party! :) 

Yoga for Athletes


Bring a secret weapon to you or your team!

Special Events


Make your special event even better with a yoga party!

Birthday party?

Bachelorete Party? 

Bridal shower? 

Centering yoga class before you say "I do?"  

Chaz tailors each event to inspire, uplift,  and celebrate your fun night, special afternoon, or big day!

Contact her for rates. chaz@yogawithchaz.com


That's what they said...

"Chaz's class is the best yoga class in LA. She is the kindest and most empathetic teacher you will ever meet. She genuinely cares about her students. Her classes are full of good energy, amazing music, and lots of fun." -Hope

"I hold Chaz in the highest regard. All of my experience with her has been rewarding. Everyone benefits from her teachings. I cannot say enough good things about her in this limited forum." -Dave M

"Chaz is hands down the most inspiring, motivating, and fun teacher I've ever had. The depth of her yoga and spiritual practice is shared with her students and it's life changing. Her no holds barred style is extremely unique, real and creates a space to let go and enjoy the experience. Yoga can be serious or fun or extremely difficult and precise. Chaz allows her students to forget all of that and root down to yourself and experience being in the moment; instead of focusing on the difficulty of the poses. I have never had more fun in any other class and am forever grateful to Chaz." -Olga A

"Chaz offers the fullness of what life can offer packaged into one class. She is both soulful and giving, funny, both real and accessible in her teachings, leading a practice that challenges the most advanced students while offering enough instructional advice for growth for everyone. Her tastes in music are equally diverse and when coupled with a morsel of philosophy/spirituality thrown in, make hers the most enjoyable practices in the San Fernando Valley (and beyond)." -Tim R.

"​About five years ago, I walked into my first Vinyasa Flow class at Yogaworks with Chaz Yoga and my life changed forever. Chaz's rock n' roll Jersey girl badass yoga has transformed my body but more importantly my soul and opened my eyes to my authentic self, why I am here and what I need to do on my journey. During our lives, we meet certain people and face certain experiences that leave imprints on our souls. I reflect on special kindred friendships, the birth of my daughters and being present as they have developed into spirited, focused, compassionate women, moving to LA many years ago. I have two projects with partners that have also been transforming and have gratitude for every publication, editor, publicist, company, and client who has taken a chance on me and recognized my talents and ambition. It all circles back to yoga, which has completely changed my life. I believe in myself -- who I am and trusting in my path. For that, I will always have tremendous gratitude to Chaz, our Vinyasa class, to all who shared our practice, and to every yoga teacher in my life. Much love and 'time to build more flows!'" - Beth Cone Kramer, Founder of Divorce.ly

 "BEST yoga teacher in LA!" -McPatti Langston 

"If you're looking for a teacher who is capable of either taking you to a place of relaxation with gentle poses and a soothing voice, or a teacher who will kick your ass, energize your mind, body and spirit with humor and challenging poses... Chaz is just that instructor. She makes yoga fun. She's funny as shit... joyful... insightful. I have always left her classes feeling rejuvenated and at peace.. She is a WONDERFUL teacher. Take one of her classes to find out just what I mean. :)”–Joanne Wyllie​​​

"Dear Chaz. I am writing to thank you for the past few months of yoga classes. You probably don’t realize but you have really helped me break through some obstacles in my life. Your class has been a sanctuary (albeit, a sweaty one) where I have been able to challenge my mind and body in incredible ways. I only hope you continue to teach  people in your very unique approach. I’m positive that you mean a lot to many of your students. I wish I could continue practicing with you, as I have to move, but your wisdom will remain with me and I am grateful. Namaste.” -Caitlin

​"Great class today, Chaz. Transcendental. Transformative. I'm still floating. Now if I could just land on the ground long enough to put my feet back in my shoes." -Rich Ferguson

"Chaz--You are my spiritual therapist that has enlightened my mind, body and soul. Without a doubt, you have helped me strengthen my practice which has boosted my confidence both physically and mentally. I feel extremely lucky to have an opportunity to attend your classes and learn from you about how to view life with a new set of eyes. Your words of wisdom, peace and personal contentment have helped me through some difficult personal obstacles. I leave every single one of your classes feeling balanced. I wish that you would write a book with all your beautiful words so I could take them with me anytime I need them to reflect and remind me of the spirituality that exist in all of us.  Paz y amor (peace & love)." -Emma Weda

"Today was amazing. Not sure exactly what it was... but between the abs, kegels and ass work - we should all have a perky July. ;-) I can't thank you enough."

"The adjustments were great! And always sooooo appreciated. It sure was challenging today! I think that trying to "see" your body without actually looking at it - makes ones form somewhat subject to interpretation. The instructors that take the time to help us develop our practice to eventually find the proper positioning on our own (hopefully)....well, they are extra special. It's easy to be disengaged, just like it’s easy to be gloomy. You, my dear, are not. "–Corissa Dill

"Hi Chaz! you are amazing. profound insights to limits of the body opening to graces of the heart... i love your classes and your pure spirit."

"Hi Chaz! Just wanted to thank you for being such an intuitive and well grounded teacher! Your dedication to letting your true self shine is inspirational! Love ya and miss you loads!" -Sarah Morgan

"As most people know, if you get a new Yoga instructor you are weary. I WAS very weary. But I manned up and gave it a go. MUCH to my surprise! A diamond in the rough. Chaz, you are awesome! Your style, albeit unorthodox is simply amazing!!! Love your classes, love the music and love the friendship ensued. YOU are an ama...zing instructor and one not to be forgotten easily by ANYONE who takes your class."

"Chaz teaches with a style that helps students feel safe, yet free to explore in ways that open up to new possibilities. Her skill is self-evident through her approach, which balances tradition with innovation. "

"My dearest Chaz. When I first experienced your class, I was in one of the darkest periods of my life. My marriage was failing. I was riddled with the guilt of being an imperfect mother...and I hated myself. You came into my life and taught me how to surrender, to embrace, to acknowledge, to accept, to have fun, to let go, and to fucking LOVE myself! Thank you for your whole being. With deepest gratitude and relentless compassion. I honor you!" -Heather Anderson