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Yoga Business Consultant


Want to build a successful yoga business?

Longtime entrepreneur, Chaz is the proud founder and owner of Sisters Yoga, an incredibly successful all-female yoga studio in Fresno, CA. She has a proven track record of saving failing businesses, and has an inside insight into the biggest competitors in the industry. Let Chaz help you build your yoga business. Go from merely surviving to thriving while having a lucrative business in the healing arts. She has traveled all over the world as a yoga biz consultant. Contact her for more info: chaz@yogawithchaz.com


"I wanted to say THANK YOU and let you know that in the time since we've spoken, the yoga ​studio has implemented a few of the ideas you suggested and seen positive results...I wanted to be sure to give the thanks where it was deserved and let you know how valuable your ideas/direction was. Wishing you continued success!" --Jennifer, studio in Washington D.C.  area 

"You are amazingly helpful, Chaz. Thank you. You really helped build our client base and surprisingly, your  innovative ideas didn't cost a lot of money.  Looking forward to working with you more in the future." --Kenneth, CA studio 

Want to rent a 200 hour Teacher Training curriculum?

Don't go through the hassle of composing a thorough, well-rounded 200 hour Yoga Alliance certified Teacher Training program. Chaz already did that for you! Instead, simply rent out the curriculum and earn big profit! Contact Chaz for more details. chaz@yogawithchaz.com

"If you are even contemplating taking a teacher training, Chaz is the person to take it from. Yoga is not just something Chaz does but it is truly a part of who she is and her knowledge is unbelievable. She knows each pose, the benefits, contraindications, modifications for anyone who needs them and shares her knowledge so lovingly, clearly, and thoroughly. I can not recommend her teacher training enough. " -Amy Brogan

Want to learn how to lead sold-out retreats?

For a decade, Chaz has has the great privilege of facilitating sold-out retreats all across the globe. It is not easy to run a retreat, let alone fill it! Let Chaz show you how to build an ever-growing retreat business. Travel the world, help people, get paid to do it, and have a blast! Contact Chaz: chaz@yogawithchaz.com