"Yoga shouldn't be serious - life is serious enough." Join the yoga party!





October 25th, 2020

@The Mountain Mermaid in Topanga, CA





April 7-14th, 2021

Opa! We can fit more people! Come! 





October 30-November 1st, 2020

F*CK FEAR: Do what scares you



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CANCELLATION POLICY:  Payment must be made in full upon reservation. A full refund minus costs already paid for you to attend are granted; credit for an upcoming retreat can also be issued. No refund is issued if canceled within one week.   Some restrictions may apply due to unforeseen circumstances or natural disasters. All refunds are subject to withholding credit card processing fee. We understand that "sh*t happens," and aim to be as fair with our refund policy as possible.  

Retreat Testimonials


Aww. You guys.

"Unforgettable!" --Robert

"Chaz is an amazing yoga retreat master. Her retreats are a mix of fun, great flow and yin yoga, breathwork and spirituality that allows us to truly dig deep into the pockets of our soul. The venues are always sooo beautiful!" -Charisse Abellana (artist)

 "Here is the short and sweet. Every member of your yoga posse was phenomenal and contributed in extraordinary ways: the nourishing food, the lessons, the asanas, the deep connection with others, the mind-blowing breathing exercise, the remote beautiful location, the fascinating people, the well-organized agenda, the diverse music, the tears, the laughter, the professional heart-felt insight, the eye-opening transformation, the poetry: WOW! I feel like I have a much greater respect for my mind and body. I learned a lot about myself and walked away with clarity, motivation, humility, understanding, appreciation, strength, guidance, self-love, compassion, excitement, hope, and peace.Thank you Laurence Walsh-Hodson, Meredith Sarah Klein, Kel Clement, and Chaz Yoga for sharing your gift with me and others." --Mark Astemborski


​"On Chaz's retreat I was INFUSED with LOVE, DEFUSED of my inner pain. I was INSPIRED by the heart-filled yogis and I CONSPIRED with each and every one to create self love from self doubt. I was EXERCISED with joy filled asana and EXORCISED by breathwork with Laurence that removed a deep sense of remorse. I was FED with mindful food choices that added to my 30 day cleanse and it went straight to my HEAD as Meredith Sarah Klein shared ideas on mindful eating. I SANG out my devotion to Shiva, Kali Durga, Lakshmi and my greatest potential, doing battle for peace on the battleground of my mind and feeling a sense of abundance for my family, health, gratitude, gifts of my life. I had no idea what the possibilities held for me on this healing retreat. The power behind communities of healing are beyond any expectations. We can do it together one Chaz Yoga Retreat at a time. Thank you sister for guiding me into a space of love and infinite gifts. I treasure you and all the yogis and teachers on the Chaz Yoga retreat."--Holli Rabishaw, of Holli Yoga 

"What an amazing time we had. I am still in awe of it all. So many great friends I have now too. Such a blessing to have gone. Love you" 

"A real treat! Great to be on the receiving end/nurturing of the mind, body, and soul side for a change. Chaz is a terrific teacher and her crew is wonderful. Chef Meredith is so fabulous. Ah...I will miss those meals and the Ojai valley...so peaceful. It reminded me of my time in the foothills of the Himalayans in India." --Dr. Ron Alexander, Aka, Dr. Zen

"Thank you for all the work and sacrifice that you invested in the retreat, so that I could be so wonderfully blessed! I experienced challenge, change, freedom...and delicious meals!" --Alan

"What an amazing weekend!! Thank you so much for all the joy and happiness you brought! I look forward to the next retreat!! xo" --Michelle

"It was your courage, vision and light that I bloomed at your Courage to Bloom Yoga Retreat. I am forever graciously humbled by you, the experience and God. I will NOT forget! You and your teaching inspire me--an utter blessing to me and many. The blooms have already begun to multiply and courage will be revealed continually. I am honored to know you...All my love and light." --Leaura (Yogini Sanjita)

"Just spent the weekend at my first yoga retreat. Words cannot explain how amazing this experience was. Thank you Chaz! You are an amazing person, teacher and friend." --Marcie

"Extraordinary beautiful surroundings with its greenery, wine vineyard and singing birds. Purifying rain, sunshine and gorgeous rainbows. Amazing classes where we sweat, cried, laughed, danced, sang, breathed and got inspired. Nicest, kindest, fun friends and of course our special, thoughtful, endearing guides. Thank you Chaz for inviting us to experience this unbelievable weekend. You are a warrior of love. Thank you Ellen for your kindness. Leaura for your insight. Stella for your beautiful voice and soulful power. Kim, for your sweetness and strength and Meredith for the yummy, delicious food. I will cherish this  in my heart forever. Cheers to believing and courage." --Monique

"Hey sister. ..just wanted to tell you how wonderful you and your retreats are. I love working with you and the sense of ease that permeates all our interactions. I love the energy you bring to the retreats...every time you are in the kitchen, it brightens the moment for me. And the same energy is reflected in the people who attend the retreat...deeply grateful for the continuing opportunities to work together." --Meredith, our chef

"Thank you for taking me into the wilderness of Ojai, where I could enter the depths of my soul and search freely for seeds of belief."

"Chaz--to my spiritual mentor. Just want to say so many thanks for being such a gracious leader and host at our Yoga Retreat. I so cherish my yoga practice for it has taught me so many wonderful things about myself and opened me up to such possibility and enlightened ways...I'm so grateful that you're in my life and shining so brightly with joy and love. You are truly a yoga and soul sistah! Your energy is spectacular and contagious to all those around you."

"I can't tell you, Chaz, how much this weekend meant to me. What an authentic, empowering, buddha-ful experience. I am so grateful that I got to experience this at a time when I was losing faith in the yoga community and the retreats they led...You are an amazing guide because you embody that truth and let it all out...you are WITH us every step of the way. I have rarely found that and I am forever grateful. I can't wait until the next retreat..." --Cindy