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Why am I now charging for my video blog?

I'm glad you asked. :) As much as I enjoyed sharing posts in the past, I would do so sporadically. Months could go by before I would create a new video;  I'd come up with some kinda stupid and lame excuse that would prevent me from putting this introvert out there.

Now that I am committing to this video blog, I am asking for your commitment in return.  Together, we will navigate thru this one incredible life! 

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Why the video blog helps people


I am so grateful this video blog has already helped so many people. I recognize that I have a way of looking at a heavy or dark situation and find the nuggets of wisdom or glimmers of light within the bleakness or negativity.


I then take all my years of studying yoga, synthesize really esoteric concepts and Eastern Philosophy, draw from years of therapy and psychology as well as research in science, input my own trials and relateable tribulations, and put forth an accessible way to joy, peace, and healing. I'm also THERE with you. They are always intimate. Vulnerable. People feel less alone because I share in their experiences in life. 

THAT is the video blog. It resonates with people because I'm really just putting to words what we are all figuring out. 

I don't claim to be the only path or right one, but I can guarantee you'll have a lot of fun along the way to your healing and desired life!



  • "This video? Um. Life changer. Thanks!" 

  • "I'm really glad I found you! Your videos on worrying and fear helped me a a matter of fact most of your videos that I've seen so far have helped me realize how stupid worry is!"

  • "Suffering helps us to stop being so narrow minded therefore we see the broader picture. Chaz I love your words of wisdom, and power, and love."

  • "I really needed to be reminded of this in this time of my life. Thank you so much."

  • "Great message, I love your fighting attitude, beautiful warrior."

  • "I love your words =)


Video Blog Creation and History

"Many years ago, I created my video blog out of professional curiosity. So many people would come up to me after class, asking me for the poem or quote I had read in class, or to repeat what I had been talking about, and honestly, I couldn't recall what I had just said! lol. The Video Blog was born- it served as a diary of my teaching. Little did I know that it would impact so many people. 

In those dark moments when this introvert started to second-guess herself, feeling uncomfortable being in front of a camera, I'd receive an email from some random person somewhere in America saying how much my latest video blog post had helped him/her or changed his/her life. 

So I was driven to keep going.

I knew I was onto something. I knew that my almost 3 decades of being a student of yoga and life gave me a lot to say and a powerful voice and experience to say it.

Which brings us to now.

Chaz's promise to you

It has been a tremendous honor to have led so many thousands of classes around the globe- from way back when I taught in Jersey, the Sisters Yoga studio days in Fresno, the many experiences in Los Angeles at YogaWorks and all the public, private, and corporate classes, the yoga coaching sessions for athletes, and all the international transformational retreats.  As I told my students when I moved, it has been a long and joyous adventure and I couldn't be more grateful or love you more; the journey would continue. I promised to stay connected. This is me upholding that promise. :)


Together, we have built a beautiful and strong mandala of friendship and community that will only  strengthen and grow in the years to come. 

I would so appreciate your support in this endeavor. I promise to deliver to you my commitment to pushing through this wild and amazing life with you... and I know we can, because we must. 

Join me. :)

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