"Yoga shouldn't be serious - life is serious enough." Join the yoga party!

"It's time to build a flow... ONLINE!"

Chaz's fun and inspirational yoga classes in your living room.

Creative sequencing. Irreverently reverent humor. 25+ years experience - feel better, minimize the stir-crazy, calm the hell down, free yourself from the cages of your mind, lift your spirits, and feel less alone...

"We got this - TOGETHER."


Donation-Based Yoga.

Thank you for your donation! Please know any amount is greatly appreciated - before or after class.  You may also make a donation either weekly or monthly in an amount that is comfortable for you. 

In addition to the link below, you can:

Paypal or Zelle: chaz@yogawithchaz.com

Venmo: @yogawithchaz

Dance break got us like...



Join the class by clicking below!

ALL LEVELS.  65 min.



FUN FLOW- Great music and sweat. ;-)

CHILL OUT (Gentle/Yin) - It's time to... relax. 

* PASSWORD: YOGAPARTY (all caps) *

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Click on the link above to sign in for the class.

PASSWORD: YOGAPARTY (all caps) Try to arrive a little early to test the audio and video.  You may have to download Zoom if you don't have it already. You can login via Facebook. 

Bring: yoga mat, water, and towel.

Set up in a comfortable and quiet space with enough room to move around. 

Feel free to use your props if you have and want them. *Please note: the fun flow classes are for all levels, but are challenging; be prepared to sweat. ;-)

I will ask you to mute your audio after we say hello.

This helps with the streaming of my music. :)

CAMERA SHY? Feel free to turn off your video feed. ;-)

The "CHAT" window is there if you'd like to chat!

Enjoy yourself! Treat yourself to having fun!


That's what they said...

 "The best yoga class I've ever done in my living room... and you know I've done A LOT of yoga in my living room!" ~Michelle

"Thank you for that transformative class. Just what was needed and as always, your masterful DJ skills had me grooving. :) " -Krishna

"One of my dearest friends, who brought my yoga practice to a new level many years ago (when I was able to practice without a monkey on my back) is currently teaching online classes. If you are looking for “purist” yoga, this isn’t for you. IF you are looking to shed negative energy, get “un-stuck”, dance, celebrate joy & dig deep, then this IS your class. This is a good opportunity for all the friends who I’ve attempted to drag to yoga and never succeeded to try out a class in the privacy of their bedroom. Bonus, you’ll be supporting a small business. I freakin’ love you Chaz and am so grateful for you!!" ~ Sophia 

"My first ever yoga teacher is still MY FAVORITE EVER yoga teacher! Check out Chazzy’s classes if you want to dance freely, giggle heartily, feel deeply and maybe sometimes cry because it just feels so damn good to let it all go! She brings an unmatched glowing bright light to the practice that will speak to your soul ✨🧘‍♀️💖 " ~ Jillian

 "I just did a class and what a blessing. My first introduction to yoga was with this beautiful soul. Check it out !" ~ Deanna

"I don’t know if you love or hate Yoga. But what I DO know is that as much as I loved it 12 years ago after taking a Chill Out class with Chaz I absolutely loved it a million times more.
I was at the most stressful time in my life (Yea more than right now) and going into Sisters Yoga that first time. But afterward I had learned a way to ease some of the tension in my life. Chaz now has classes on Zoom. And I canNOT wait for my Monday night Chill class!" ~BarbaraSue

"Totally awesome!! I now remember why I loved yoga!!! There is just something about you, Chaz... you made my Coronavirus "Shelter in Place" day simply fabulous." ~ Marla

Thank you so much—you are such a breath of fresh air—I love the physicality of yoga but at this stage in my life I really appreciate and savor the wisdom and life lessons that arise from this beautiful practice.  Never before have I needed it more (don’t we all right now?) and I just feel so incredibly blessed and grateful to have you in my life.  I can’t tell you how much I look forward to seeing your radiant smile light up my screen!  I love how much meaning you bring to your class with your music and your words and there is always something that I hear for myself.  To me, THAT’S the yoga!  I can’t wait for the day to see you for real and give you a giant hug!! Sending so much love your way." ~ Hillary 

"So grateful to be back at Chaz’s Flow, even if it’s online! If you need grounding and truly meaningful expression, especially now, join!

Miss you, Jersey Girl! ❤️🙏🏻" ~ Beth


Private Online Yoga Classes


1-on-1 Instruction or share with a group of friends online!

Have fun, move, and breathe with personalized instruction catered to your specific needs.  Surpass goals , open to joy, and feel connected like the yoginis in this photo - just with social distancing. lol

Let Chaz offer her decades of experience in the comfort of your home and hers. 

Contact Chaz for rates. chaz@yogawithchaz.com

Yoga for Athletes


Bring a secret weapon to you or your team!