"Yoga shouldn't be serious - life is serious enough." Join the yoga party!

"Yoga shouldn't be serious - life is serious enough." Join the yoga party!

"Yoga shouldn't be serious - life is serious enough." Join the yoga party!"Yoga shouldn't be serious - life is serious enough." Join the yoga party!

Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude!

GRATITUDE DAY RETREAT (8th Annual): Sunday, November 24th, 2019  Join us for a magical day in the enchanted hills of Topanga at the magnificent Mountain Mermaid Estate.  We will work on shedding all that stands in our way of gratefulness and abundance so we can fully appreciate what we have, who we are, who we have in our life, who we are becoming, what we've been through, and what's coming into our life! Join us as we learn ways to cultivate a sustaining attitude of Gratitude! Enjoy transformational vinyasa flow, healing yin, and yoga philosophy infusion with Chaz, a master retreat leader and yoga teacher.  Remove barriers and eradicate fear with life-changing breathwork sessions led by Shaman Randi Maggid. Savor a delicious soul and belly nourished lunch and dessert prepared by renowned Chef Meredith Klein. Assisted by the extraordinary Joanne Wyllie. Oh, and we're gonna have a helluva good time! :)  Join us for a truly beautiful, fun day retreat! It's tradition: right before Thanks-Giving! 

PRICE BELOW: $195/person 


Flying from outta town?

Email Joanne@yogawithchaz.com for carpool, flight, and overnight stay accommodation suggestions, including special rates at the gorgeous The Mountain Mermaid.


 *Please note, there's a 3% credit card transaction fee thru Paypal 

To sign up MINUS the 3% charge:

*VENMO chaz@yogawithchaz.com or @yogawithchaz

*ZELLE chaz@yogawithchaz.com 

*To mail a check, email for address: chaz@yogawithchaz.com

CANCELLATION POLICY:  Payment must be made in full upon reservation. A full refund minus costs already paid for you to attend are granted; credit for an upcoming retreat can also be issued. No refund is issued if canceled within one week. All refunds are subject to withholding credit card processing fee. We understand that "sh*t happens," and aim to be as fair with our refund policy as possible.  


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About the Instructors and Facilitators


About Chaz (Retreat Leader)


About Shaman Randi Maggid (Breathwork)


Randi Maggid is an acclaimed BreathWork Facilitator and Shamanic Energy Healer, as well as author of Beverly Hills Concentration Camp: A Healing Journey and Memoir in which she discusses her personal story of being a daughter of Holocaust survivors, and her journey to heal herself from emotional and physical pain, that led her to teach others to do so.

She offers group classes and private sessions in Pranayama Yoga breathing, a two-stage technique that helps move energy in the body and invite ease while releasing fears and blocks.  This conscious breathing brings about a meditative state of calm, relaxation and joy while illuminating truth and awakening spirituality. Healing through breath can be an astonishing experience and also provide healing breakthroughs.

She has appeared on numerous television and radio shows and lectures around the country.  She lives with her husband and children in Los Angeles. 
For more info visit www.randimaggid.com.


About Joanne (Assistant)