"Yoga shouldn't be serious -
life is serious enough."

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Meet Joanne (Chaz's Retreat Assistant)


"Don't forget to breathe."

Hi, My name is Joanne Wyllie. I first met Chaz about ten years ago at Sisters Yoga (her studio that was in Fresno). A friend had invited me to a class. I thought, “why not?” Little did I know what a defining moment that would be…. I was at a difficult time in my life back then. Through her classes she guided me on my journey -- one that led me to so many discoveries about myself as a person. It was in those walls that I learned how to believe in myself, and realized that I was stronger than I was giving myself credit for. As a mother to three daughters, learning how to take just a few moments to remember to breathe was a huge gift. (and one that often makes a huge difference!) I have constant stimuli in my day-to-day life, so I truly value the quiet moments. Walks in nature, listening to the ocean and/or reading a good book are some of my favorite ways to spend my down time. But I also love to make people happy and comfortable. Which is what brings me to you. If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know. Namaste 

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